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Ephraim McDowell Health now offering cochlear implants for patients with hearing loss

Ephraim McDowell Health is now offering cochlear implants for adult and pediatric patients with hearing loss.  Dr. Christopher Frisch, M.D., performed the first implant at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center on July 17.

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If you or your loved ones are straining to hear each day, even when using powerful hearing aids, cochlear implants may be a solution. Cochlear implants work differently from hearing aids. Hearing aids help those who have mild to moderate hearing loss that can be overcome using amplification alone. Cochlear implants help those with severe to profound hearing loss who are not receiving enough benefit when using hearing aids. Traditional candidates have severe hearing loss in both ears, but in the last few years, Otolaryngologists have begun implanting those with one-sided deafness with promising results.

“We are excited to now offer this service for our patients,” says Dr. Christopher Frisch, M.D., Ephraim McDowell Ear, Nose & Throat.  “Cochlear implants are designed to help those with severe hearing loss, particularly with those individuals with loss of speech understanding.”

All of the cochlear implant systems are designed to last a lifetime with performance and preservation of the cochlear structures in mind.  The broad range of implants and electrodes allows your surgeon to choose the best one for you or your child’s type of hearing loss or cochlear anatomy. In addition, the implants are designed with the future in mind by allowing for future advances in sound processor technology without the need for additional surgeries. Cochlear implants are covered by Medicare, most insurance plans and typically Medicaid.

For more information on the cochlear implants or to schedule an appointment at Ephraim McDowell Ear, Nose & Throat, please call (859) 236-0903.  Ephraim McDowell Ear Nose and Throat is located at 1250 Ben Ali Drive, Danville.