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Kurk obtains Obstetric Physical Therapy certificate

Rebecca Kurk is a pelvic health physical therapist at Ephraim McDowell Rehabilitation, located at 1107 Ben Ali Drive in Danville, who recently obtained a certificate of achievement in Obstetric Physical Therapy.

Kurk has worked for Ephraim McDowell since 2015, obtained her board certification in orthopedics from the National Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in 2012, and has specialized in pelvic health since 2007. Throughout the years, Kurk said one of the most common questions she gets asked is why she would want to treat a patient’s pelvic region. 

“I think the assumption is that treating these body regions would be somehow embarrassing or unsanitary,” Kurk said. “However, I like to remind my patients that I treat pelvic conditions all day long and that pelvic muscles are muscles just like any other. I have always felt that pelvic physical therapy is incredibly rewarding since I help people get back to the most basic functions of life.”

Kurk treats many conditions associated with the pelvic area such as urinary and bowel conditions, pelvic pain including intimacy, vaginal, anorectal, and abdominal pain, coccyx pain, and non-bacterial prostatitis in men, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy, and post-partum conditions, as well as pediatric pelvic conditions including chronic constipation, urinary and bowel incontinence, and prolonged bed-wetting.

“One of my favorite aspects of pelvic physical therapy is helping people understand their bodies better,” Kurk said. “Patient education is a huge component of my job. I love teaching people about how their bodies work.”

Kurk said her greatest hope is to achieve greater access to pelvic health and physical therapy services for patients in need in our area. 

“Due to the specialized nature of this field, there simply are not many pelvic health physical therapists out there,” Kurk said. “Many patients, and even medical providers, are not even aware that this service is available.”

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