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Don’t forget to thank your provider on National Doctor’s Day

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National Doctor’s Day might not take place until the end of this month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t thank our providers now for the work they do each and every day to keep us safe, healthy, and strong.

Healthcare professionals around the world work day and night dedicating their time to keep their community in good health. Their efforts put the patient first time and time again, making them heroes in a world that has been infiltrated with sickness and disease like we have never seen before in our lifetime.

As I reflect on these last two years, I realize healthcare has become more complex and advanced than ever before. Our healthcare professionals have worked around the clock to try and dissect new diseases and find a cure for a pandemic that has swept across the globe. Working on the front line, most without a break in the seemingly never-ending fight, our providers have pushed forward in selfless passion to bring new data, new hope, and new cures to our nation.

By thanking your healthcare provider for the care you receive, you not only have a chance to turn their day around, but you’ll also make a great impression and remind them why they got into healthcare in the first place, which is to help people like yourself and your loved ones.

Great ways to say thank you to your doctor include, leaving them a good review online, writing them a thank you note, telling them in person at the end of your appointment, or even sending them a little thank you each year on March 30th. For children, maybe have them paint or draw a picture for the pediatrician.  Some healthcare professionals will not accept gifts due to existing policies, professional association affiliation, or how they consider the gift could affect the patient-doctor relationship. However, a simple “thank you” goes a long way and speaks volumes when doctors are busy trying to find the best healing practices that work for you.

Your doctor’s work doesn’t stop when you leave their office. Most physicians respond to late-night phone calls, work long hours after their healthcare organization closes, and still go home and put their heads in books trying to learn more about how they can help the people in their community. In light of the last two years, we can now see more than ever before the work they have done and continue to do for their communities and the health of the individuals in them.

Thanking a doctor for the difference they make in your life and the life of your loved ones should take place year-round. Personally, I am very honored to work alongside each and every physician working for Ephraim McDowell Health. In these troubling times, they have stepped up to the plate and gone above and beyond their call of duty to hopefully change the very world we live in and make it a safer place. From all of us here at Ephraim McDowell, I want to say thank you to all the doctors in our community, and around the globe, who have fought and continue to fight for the health of the world. You, truly, are the real heroes in life.

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