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Ephraim McDowell Health Recognizes the Heroes of Home Care and Hospice During National Home Care & Hospice Month

Throughout November, the nation comes together to celebrate and honor the dedicated professionals who play a pivotal role in the wellbeing of countless patients and their families. Home care aides, nurses, therapists, and social workers, often unsung heroes in the healthcare community, make an immeasurable difference in the lives they touch. Their unwavering commitment to providing care and compassion is a cornerstone of our healthcare system, allowing individuals to receive vital services within the comfort of their homes. Recognizing their profound impact, Ephraim McDowell Health joins the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) to commemorate November as National Home Care & Hospice Month.

With an estimated 10,000 Americans reaching 65 every day, the demand for healthcare services is continually rising, leading to soaring costs. Home care and hospice emerge as the preferred choice for most patients, offering substantial cost savings while delivering personalized care. Care provided within the home is more affordable than hospital or nursing home care. It also empowers countless seniors to maintain their independence, allowing them to age gracefully in the familiar surroundings of their communities—a goal shared by 90 percent of Americans.

“This is a special time to recognize and thank those in our local communities who provide in-home care for patients in our surrounding counties,” said Susan Matherly, system director of Ephraim McDowell Home Health. “Clinicians who work in home health care provide a valuable service to patients who are still living at home, but require intermittent skilled services.  It is important to take this time to learn more about this sector of healthcare and the important role it plays in our continuum of care in caring for those in our community.”

This year, NAHC launched a pioneering campaign to elevate the perception of home-based care. This initiative will spotlight home-based care as a hub of innovation, exceptional value, and a top choice for consumers. This represents a significant milestone for our industry as we fight to attract and retain talent while delivering top-quality care to our most vulnerable population.

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