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Resident Research Projects

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  • Daniel Bosse-Joseph and Ryan Booth: Impact of a pharmacist-involved sepsis alert on time to antimicrobial administration in the emergency department at a rural community health system
  • Taylor Floyd and Josh Brown: Olanzapine for highly emetic chemotherapy regimens (O-HER): Implementing evidence-based guideline directed therapy


  • Ryan Booth and Aaron Adkisson: Impact of baseline procalcitonin ordering in the emergency department on antimicrobial discontinuation in patients with sepsis at a rural community health system
  • Josh Brown and Courtney Sides: Impact of clinical decision support tools on the optimization of ceftriaxone dosing in patients with bacteremia in a rural community health system


  • Aaron Adkisson and Mary Keen: Impact of clinical decision support tools on pharmacist-directed propofol monitoring in the ICU
  • Courtney Sides and Troy Butler: Comparison of Bayesian software versus estimated population kinetic equations to achieve an initial therapeutic area-under-the-curve after vancomycin initiation in an obese population


  • Troy Butler and Hailey Freeman: Efficacy of medication reconcialition tool to prepare pharmacy technicians to detect high-impact medication discrepancies
  • Mary Keen and Ethan Jackson: Evaluation of patient perception and satisfaction of a rapid influenza and streptococcal pharyngitis point-of-care testing service within a community pharmacy


  • Hailey Freeman and Megan Ballard: Evaluation of dual antiplatelet therapy adherence beyond the initial 30-day period after percutaneous coronary intervention
  • Ethan Jackson and Katie Martello: Impact of pharmacist-managed patient self-testing versus traditional in-clinic warfarin management on time in therapeutic range


  • Megan Ballard: Evaluation of pharmacist-driven penicillin allergy skin testing
  • Katie Martello: Impact of pharmacist review of past urine culture results prior to verification of antimicrobial agent medication order


  • Stephen Crutcher: The impact of pharmacist-led antimicrobial stewardship on culture review of discharged patients from a community hospital emergency department
  • Lee Ramsey: Evaluation of the efficacy of an unfractionated heparin dosing protocol in achieving goal range aPTTs in an obese patient population in a community hospital setting


  • Chelsea Stamper: Impacting antimicrobial stewardship in a community hospital through the use of BioFire FilmArray® technology
  • Nicholas Wilson: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) discharge prescribing prior to and post implementation of a pharmacist-driven, evidence-based protocol in a rural community hospital setting


  • Heather Ratliff: Evaluating the efficacy of morphine protocols to treat Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome for a level two nursery in a rural community hospital setting
  • Patsy Spears: Assessment of appropriate antibiotic selection and duration of therapy for the treatment of urinary tract infections and the impact on readmission in a community hospital


  • Bethany Marshall: The use of procalcitonin as a marker for clinical infection in a rural community hospital
  • Kate Morizio: Assessment of acceptance rates of pharmacist interventions and adherence to a pain, agitation, and delirium protocol in mechanically ventilated patients in a rural community hospital


  • Kortney Brown: Effectiveness of an Antimicrobial Management Team in reducing inappropriate use of selected antibiotics in a rural community hospital
  • Kelsey Micka: Determining the sensitivity and specificity of a current sepsis screening tool at a rural community hospital


  • Tara Neitzel: Impact of state-required controlled prescription database on prescribing practices in a community hospital emergency department
  • Diane Wigginton: Evaluating current perceptions and barriers to effective transition of care communication between community and hospital pharmacists


  • Aaron Sizemore: Evaluation of patient reported allergies in the electronic medical record and its effect on antimicrobial drug selection
  • Jeremy VanHoose: Evaluation of intravenous acetaminophen after total hip and total knee arthroplasty


  • Lindsay Villalobos: Evaluating baseline monitoring parameters for monitorable drugs in an inpatient setting